Using IVS-City Council

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Voting with keypads during a council meeting?

There are several ways to display the results of the voting:

  • The background color of the name can be changed to let this correspond with the given answer, for example green for “For” and red for “Against”
  • Show the result separated per individual political party or country
  • Show the overall result.

Besides identified voting, where it is known who voted what, it’s also possible to have an anonymous voting. In this case there is no link between the name of the participant and the keypad and only the overall outcome can be shown.

Because of the electronic voting, the exact result is known immediately and also digitally stored. The results of the voting can be exported, printed or saved to a file. These files, often pictures, can be used in the final report.

In some countries it will be mandatory to keep track of who voted what. IVS-City Council will be the solution.