Usage IVS-Online

Possibilities for presenting questionnaires. IVS-Online offers three options for presenting questionnaires;

1. Anonymous voting
2. Semi identified voting
3. Identified voting

Anonymous voting

With this option it is possible to publish questions that can be answered by any visitor of the page. There is no relation between the answers that are given and the person that gave these answers.

Semi identified voting

To join voting each participant has to enter an email address. This allows the system to define who is, for example, the winner of a quiz.

Identified voting

This option offers the possibility to use a participants list. Each participant receives a log-inn and password. Only after inserting the correct combination the participant can reach the questionnaire en answer the questions.

If you want to use the IVS-Online application you can choose from several options

1. Deliver the questionnaires and we will support your meeting

2. Use the application yourself for a day

3. Use the application yourself for a year

Deliver the questionnaires

You already have a questionnaire that you would like to use. You can deliver us this questions and, if you want to control who is allowed to answer the questions, a list of participants. We will take care, after consulting you, of preparing the presentation and we will support you during the meeting itself. Of course we can advise you how a questionnaire has to be created.

Use of the application for a day

If you plan to organize a meeting you can have a temporary license for a day. This means that you have access to the complete application. You can create your own presentation, define who will be allowed to get access to your questionnaires and process the data. As an alternative we can prepare the presentation for you and you control it yourself during your meeting.

Use of the application for a year

If you want to use IVS-Online for presentations on a regular bases you can buy a license for a year. During this year you have access to the complete application.