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IVS-Professional, in short IVS-PRO is the most extended software version that is available for the IVS votingsystem.

Besides all the possibilities op IVS-BASIC, IVS-PRO offers the possibility to identify every participant during a session. For identification a chipcard is used which is placed in the voting pad or, with IVS-Lite, the serial number of the keypad is used for idenfication. During the session the software reads the chipcard or the serial number and sends the vote along with the data to IVS-PRO. This way an individual result can be registered while taking a cooperative session. It is also possible to connect characteristics to the chipcard.

By using characteristics you can split the results on two characteristics. You can see what, for example, the managers between the age of 30 and 40 years have voted. If a weight is connected to the chipcard, IVS-ID can be used for shareholders’ meetings and political conventions. The weight is directly processed in the results of the voting

IVS-PRO offers a lot more possibilities. For example, you can show the names of each participant immediately on the screen. This can be done during voting (interactive) or right after the voting is closed. The first option is used often during city-council meetings. By using this option it is immediately clear if all members have cast their vote already. When the software is used for a quizz you can show the winner right after posing the last question. Results of groups can be presented too.

Of course you can also show a runtime score. One option is to show the best 5 or 10 participants so far.

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