Using IVS-Risk Analysis

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IVS Risk Analysis is a new application in the IVS-series of software especially designed for the analysis of risks. To do this, you can name a series of risks and then rate this risks on any number of self-defined criteria using the keypads. Rating the risks takes place in IVS-Professional.

After rating the risks in IVS-Professional each threat is displayed as a bubble in a risk map. The horizontal and vertical position of the bubble is determined by the value of one or more criteria. Of each threat a risk score is determined. You determine how this score is calculated. Based on the scores you can color each bubble belonging to a threat so you have a clear overview of which threat has a low risk (green bubble) or a high risk (red bubble).

It’s not only the bubble which can change color, but also the background of the map. This creates a so-called heat map. This also gives you a perfect overview of which threat is in the green and so to say safe area and which one is in the red, danger area.

IVS Risk Analysis offers a high degree of configurability. You can name an unlimited number of threats, which you can rate on an unlimited number of criteria. You even can define an unlimited number of maps where you can show the bubbles. For each map you decide which criterium to use on the horizontal axis and which one to use on the vertical axis. It’s even possible to combine criteria.

Besides showing the threats in the IVS Risk Analysis as a bubble with the average value, it’s also possible to show the individual bubbles of each individual participant. This allows you to see if the participants agree – all bubbles are close together or even on top of each other – or disagree, the bubbles are spread across the entire risk map.